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with a passion for motorsports, aviation and computer entertainment    we enjoy using our skills and resources to help others follow their dreams     providing unique environments for entertainment and educational pathways    to change our future    for just about any mission you desire.

About Us

Dedicated Educators


 Not only do we know the right educators and professionals to meet your needs. We love sharing our tech. 

Inviting Teachers and Students to learn new skills and tap hidden potentials that some people don't know they have!

Finding fun ways to Learn Skills used in today’s Tech industry!  

First-Rate Course Offerings


3D printing services 

- 3D printing labs

- VR interactive labs

- Themed Classrooms

-Custom simulated environments

- PC Hardware building  

- Software familiarization  

Our Mission


Using today modern technology to create anything from 3D printed prosthesis, to using VR technology to help people walk and interact with a virtual environments  to make it more of a joy and easier for the rehabilitation or learning process.  Plus less physically and emotionally stress.   

More coming soon

Here in our Factory laboratory we can create just about any Dream you can think of. We have been building a team of experts from the fields of many industries from engineering and design, to testing and quality control. Our team of experts also have the contacts and resources to find help finish that unique project you have been working on for years. 

Files coming soon.

We can bring the experience to you

Generate excitement


Used Simulator sales/ Arcade / VR

Partner Affiliated Device Development

Aviation / Racing / Boating / Spacecraft 

 Unique Devices Used For Entertainment or Training 

Close the deal


Corporate Group Outing / Unique Team Experience

Partner Affiliated Accelerated Pilot Training 

Driving Simulation New Driver Or Experience

Story Production / Scenario Building / R&D 

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